Environmental consultancy

Specialists in air quality, odour, noise & vibration and EIA

Specialists in air quality, odour, noise & vibration and EIA

We are specialists in air quality, odour, noise &  vibration and EIA with extensive experience in carrying out assessments for a range of developments across all sectors both in the UK and globally.

Air Quality Assessment & Monitoring

  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling from traffic and industrial sources
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Real-time air quality montoring & Local Site Operation support
  • Odour assessment
  • Construction Dust Monitoring and Assessment
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Expert witness
Air Quality Assessment & Monitoring

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

  • Noise and vibration monitoring;
  • Noise modelling utilising the Cadna/A noise modelling suite;
  • Industrial noise and vibration assessments in accordance with BS 4142 and for Environmental Permitting;
  • Occupational noise and vibration assessments;
  • Noise and vibration mitigation design;
  • Expert witness;
Air Quality Assessment & Monitoring
Air Quality Assessment & Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessment

As we continue to strive for a better quality of life, the need for projects to be planned, built and operated with the least disturbance to the local population and environment is critical.

Entran have experience of compiling EIA's for a range of developments including some of the largest residential and mixed-use schemes in the UK. We also have extensive EIA experience in the energy, renewables, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our wealth of experience and network of associates provide a highly successful inter-disciplinary team of specialists. This ensures highly qualified individuals are directly involved in a hands-on capacity. As a result, we can provide commercially focused solutions, maximising development potential for our clients, whilst meeting the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

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Air Quality Assessment & Monitoring

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