Creating an icon

We love getting creative with our logo. Over the years it has appeared on a lot of impressive site hoardings and countless reports, publications and presentations; however, it has also popped up in some interesting places including an electric vehicle at Goodwood circuit, some cycling team jerseys at Brands Hatch, and a skateboard on children’s TV.

When entran was founded in 2005 our logo was just the word entran, underlined and in a distinctive green that was used in all our reports and publications.  The logo was updated in 2011, retaining the 'entran green' but introducing a new icon and the words environmental and transportation to represent our core services . The icon is the letter 'e' but stylised to represent the universally recognised 'power-on' button.  Last year was our 15th anniversary but for obvious reasons we were not able to celebrate in the ways we had hoped; however, we did take the opportunity to develop our new website and refresh the branding again, adopting a brighter, fresher green.

What's the best place you have managed to stick your company logo? 

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