EV charging for developments

We are often asked whether a particular local planning or highway authority has a standard requirement for electric vehicle charging points as part of new developments; however, the answer is as likely to be found in the Building Regulations, Approved Document S "Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles".

This part of the Building Regulations was published in 2021 (and most recently updated in 2023) but refers to the Part S of the Building Regulations 2010, which makes it surprising that many more recent Local Plans or parking SPDs do not make reference to it. 

Requirement S1 is very clear and states that new residential buildings with associated parking must have at least one EV charging point per dwelling where there are more spaces than dwellings. If there are fewer spaces than dwellings then every space must have an EV charging point. 

The regulations also address dwellings resulting from a material change of use and non-residential development.


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